Tanki Plastic Free Dissolvable Toilet Roll 9 Pack

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    Tanki Ltd is the sole global distributor of toilet paper that is legally compliant for discharge at sea under current maritime law.

    This product also has significant benefits for people who traditionally use single ply toilet paper eg. 

    caravans, motorhomes, narrowboats & septic tanks.

    Why compromise with a single ply toilet paper when you can have a glue free 2 ply soft loo roll for added comfort?

    Tanki is suitable for:​

    • Vacuum systems as found on-board cruise ships and aeroplanes.

    • Aerated and anaerobic tanks. 

    • Septic tanks and cess pits. 

    • Macerating toilets eg. Saniflo system.

    • Chemical toilets.

    ​Tanki 2 Ply Toilet Paper is dispersible, glue free and complies with MARPOL regulations annexe IV & V and domestic and commercial Environment Agency legislation.