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Burner Preheat Instructions
For 028, 029, 030, 030L Cookers & 079K Heater

Preheating by gas blow torch is recommended. Preheat times can vary however 2-3mins should be sufficient.

Preheating with mentholated spirits will require a priming wick (CTK1036) which is included with the burner, this will retain the mentholated spirits for longer preheating. The burner cup should be full up and generally takes 5-7mins. 

Burner will initially burn slightly yellow/orange, over time this will change to a blue burning flame. This is very normal and is not an issue for concern.

Filling the Tank

Fill the Tank two thirds with clean paraffin (kerosene). Tighten the tank cap down fully to seal. Operate the pump and pressurise the tank to 25psi indicated on the pressure gauge.

Check all pipes and joints up to the safety valve for leakage. Tighten and joints as required. If the leak persists, be pressurise the tank and rebuild joint as necessary.

Next open the safety valve and check the pipe work up to and including the burner for leakage. Once complete and the system is deemed fit for use you are able to light.

Discharge Pump Stiff to Operate
For Baby, Minor and Victory models

A. Scale Deposit Build Up
With time, depending on the salt and temperature of the sea water, scale deposit will build up in the discharge pump and hose. The warmer and saltier the water, the faster this build up will occur. It can be removed by stripping the pump and by soaking in vinegar to dissolve it. Scale is best removed from the hose by bending the pipe. This is made much easier if it can be removed from the toilet.

B. Oil and Lubricants in the Pump
NEVER use oil or off the shelf lubricants to lubricate either of the pump cylinders. It will cause the bucket washer to expand and eventually seize in the cylinder. If this happens the bucket washer must be replaced. We recommend only using Blakes & Taylors recommended products. 

Glands Leak on Inlet or Discharge Pump
For Baby, Minor and Victory models

With toilets that have been in service for a while (20 years plus) there is the possibility of leakage from the gland nuts. Depending on the age of the toilet it will be fitted with lip seals, O rings, or gland packing. These can be service and replaced as necessary.

Pump spindles and gland nuts themselves can wear after considerable usage, this can result in the gland nut leaking in mid stroke of the pump. In this instance check the spindle and gland nut for wear and replace when needed.